Owning rental property is a win-win scenario, as you not only service the needs of those who need homes, but you also make a sound investment for your future. We all know that owning and maintaining property and finding people to rent said property can be stressful. AMR Group as Property Management Specialists ease the burden of unwanted stress, so that you can reap the rewards of smart decision-making.

A bi-product of owning rental properties is the importance to update and remodel to remain both current and functional. There are many factors that play a role and provide incentive to remodel your investment properties. Please refer to the following ideas to help make a good, quality decisions:

Build Quality

Remodelling projects are a great way to boost the value of a property owner. Whether you choose to remodel a multiplex, a house, or single unit, the work invested pays substantially to you as the homeowner. It is truly in a property owner’s best interest to remodel. Although the task to remodel may seem daunting initially, the outcome proves beneficial to rental values and to your return on investment.

Tenant Quality

Improvements to your property tend to increase the quality of the tenant. Tenants and homeowners alike feel a sense of pride and thus want to treat the home accordingly. A home rich in improvements attracts a tenant who recognises the value of a home, ultimately supporting the projected return on investment. If you build something of quality, you attract quality tenants.

Resale Quality

Remodelling your property improves your resale value. It is important that a minimum of one dollar is added to each dollar you have invested in order to make the remodelling a worthwhile endeavour. In essence, it takes money for greater returns.


Improvements and enhancements can improve the overall safety of an investment property. Poor construction like fragile staircases or crumbling ceilings and roofs, or mould infestations or expired insulation can all prove hazardous and should be repaired and eliminated. Resolving code violations should be factored in to any remodelling project with the goal to improve your investment and to create a satisfying future rich in upstanding tenants and significant dividends.

Lawfulness and Good Decision Making

It is important to adhere to all applicable specifications when it comes to ownership of an investment property. If you do so, your investment will continue to grow, you will experience greater assurance and security, and you will remove the chance for any unexpected fines from local authorities if your building does not comply to code.